Chapter Three: Foiled Plans

The water in the shower falls down on Axel's naked body like rain drops falling from the sky. He tilts his head back as his mind races about Reagan Blackmore, the young woman that has captured his eye. Not only has she captured his eye, she has encompassed his thoughts. His hand moves down and quickly grabs a hold of his erect member. He starts moving his hand faster and faster as he mind is focused on Reagan. He bites his lip down hard, trying to prevent himself from letting out a moan of pleasure. Soon, he is finding the release he desperately needs and he puts his hands up against the wall in the shower as he tries to catch his breath.

He looks into the water above him and lets the water hit him in the face. He sighs wondering if he will get to see Reagan today; he can't wait to see her again. First, however, he knows that he has to go and deal with his Mother this morning; something he is kind of dreading.

He steps out of the shower and dries himself off. He looks outside and can hear the seagulls calling outside. He looks at his watch and realizes that the crab traps are probably being pulled out of the water, which is why the seagulls are going crazy as they hope to steal a crab to have a feast on. He finishes getting dressed and then proceeds to move downstairs.

"There you are," Agatha says to her son, as she pours herself a cup of coffee. "You certainly slept in this morning."

"I guess I was tired," he replies to his mother as he moves over to the fridge and pulls it open. He reaches for some yogurt and pulls it out of the fridge.

"Do you want me to fry you some goose eggs?" Agatha asks him, knowing that her half-human son enjoys things that she would never eat, like yogurt. It's the human in him that makes him different than Ambrose and Agatha.

"No thank you," he says back to her as he starts to eat some of the yogurt. "Have you heard from Ambrose yet? I know she left last night, I thought she would have called to say she got to Maverick's alright."

"No, I haven't," Agatha admits to Axel. "But, I have a good talk with her yesterday and she seemed very excited to go and visit her father. I'm sure that she's fine over there. What are your plans for today?"

Axel finishes swallowing his yogurt before he looks over at his mother. He knows that he can't talk to his mother about Reagan because it's weird for him to talk about girls to her. Plus, if his mother knew that he was interested in a human, she would instantly put an end to the relationship. He wishes that she could understand that he, as half of a human, has other needs that witches do not have. All she cares about is keeping her secret safe.

"I was thinking of heading down to the marina and trying to whale watch. You know that stretch is the best place on the island to see them and it is migrating season," he replies to her.

"That sounds like a very nice day," Agatha says back to him.

Axel smiles back to her, knowing that he's going to ask Reagan to go with him. They could have some alone time and it could be a great time for both of them to continue to get to know to know each other. "I better get going, have a good day Mom."

"You too darling," she says back to him, as she arches her eyebrow watching him leave the kitchen. As soon as the front door closes, Agatha looks forward. "Okay, Axel," she whispers. "I can tell that you're not telling me something. It's written all over your face. The question is, what are you keeping from me? And why?"


"Here, have some more of these poached deer hooves," Belinda grins to Ambrose as she puts a couple of hooves on her breakfast plate. Belinda always goes above and beyond at breakfast when Ambrose is visiting because she loves hosting her husband's daughter. "As soon as you're done eating, we can go upstairs and start practicing some spells," she says with a twinkle in her eye, having the day already planned out.

"That sounds great," Ambrose replies to her as she takes one of the poached hooves and puts it in her mouth. Within a matter of minutes, the piece of food has been swallowed down. "What are you going to get up to today, Dad?"

Maverick looks over at his daughter before he takes a sip of his coffee. "I suppose some yard work is required," he replies back to her. "Although, if I'm lucky, some of those dear will come back and eat most of the grass before we trap them. We are almost out of hooves."

Ambrose giggles a little. "It's so easy to trap the deer here because no one even knows that they're missing."

"Exactly right," Belinda says back to her, knowing that the deer are the largest animals on the Islands, so they tend to be over populated. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Belinda makes eye contact with Maverick as they are both wondering who could be at the door; for a brief moment, Belinda fears that the witch hunters have found her. A few weeks earlier, there had been whispers of a group of witch hunters had come to Mayne Island thinking that there was witches there. Of course, Belinda and Maverick kept a very low profile but Maverick is still concerned when Belinda goes to get the rat trap; Belinda knows that she has to be very careful moving forward, at least until the witch hunters have left the Island.

Belinda slowly moves to the door and opens it a little. "It's me," the voice says on the other side of the door and Belinda immediately gets a grin on her face as she recognizes her voice.

"Vix?" she asks as she opens the door and sees her brother standing on the other side of the door. "What on earth are you doing here?"

Vix moves into the house and looks over at Maverick and Ambrose. "I didn't know you had company, I should have called first."

"Nonsense," Maverick replies to him as he stands up and moves to shake Vix's hand. "You must remember my daughter, Ambrose."

"I could never forget a beautiful girl like you," Vix winks over at Ambrose, who blushes a little at him. "Does Agatha know that you're here?"

Belinda gulps a little to herself as she knows that Vix has never been a fan of Agatha because of the hell Agatha put her and Maverick through right after the affair was exposed and Maverick decided to divorce Agatha. To Belinda, however, she's just glad that she has the relationship she has with Ambrose. Vix, however, has always had a harder time letting go of the past. It is a good thing they on another island, as Vix would get into Agatha's face, no doubt about it.

"Of course she does," Maverick answers for Ambrose, as he doesn't want to make his daughter uncomfortable. "Let's not discuss Agatha right now though, okay? Ambrose and Belinda were just about to go and practice some spell casting. How long are you thinking of staying, Vix?"

Vix turns and looks at his sister. "A couple of days, if that's okay?"

"Of course that's okay," Belinda replies to him. "Maverick was just saying he could use some help with the yard work."

Vix rolls his eyes a little, unamused by the idea. "Yea, fine, I'll get right on that."

Belinda looks over at Ambrose with excitement. "Are you ready to go cast some spells?" she asks almost giddy, eager to start.

"Never more ready," Ambrose replies as she stands up and moves towards Belinda. Belinda puts her arm around Ambrose and they move upstairs together.


Reagan sits on the patio of the house and looks out at the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the forest that surrounds her. She takes a bite of her of her piece of French toast and smiles, still finding it hard to believe that her parents have bought this house so she can stay here while she is doing her thesis statement. The island is more beautiful than she ever could have imagined; from all of the water life to the many different kinds of birds, to the roaming deer that she sees everywhere; she loves being so connected to the wildlife and nature and not hear the hustle and bustle of Vancouver.

As a ferry passes the bay in which she lives on, she opens her laptop and sees an email from her mother, Cassandra. She smiles at the sight of the note because she knows that parents must miss her desperately because this has been the longest that she has been away from them. She opens the email and quickly reads the update from the lower main land.

Reagan isn't sure if she should be happy or worried that her mother's audition for the Real Housewives of Vancouver went so well that she has a second audition for the show. She wants her mother to be happy but she thinks the idea of a reality show could be overwhelming as so much of your life is put into the public eye. Her Mother has longed to be featured on this kind of program, however, so Reagan finds it hard to disapprove.

She quickly types a reply to her parents, telling them that she has started her investigation, although it is going rather slowly. She hopes that today, actually, she will start some more intense research on the murders on the island. She did find out last night that some of the murders may have happened in the house that she is living in; she isn't telling her parents that piece of information because she doesn't want to worry them. Part of it worries her, but she has never believed in ghosts or anything like that, so she feels fine living in the house that the murders took place. She's hoping that being in the house will actually help her investigation into the murders. Who knows what is laying around this old property, she thinks to herself.

She puts her computer down and takes another sip of her coffee, still enjoying the morning sun and she thinks about meeting her neighbour the previous night, Jake Matthews. She hasn't been able to place it yet but she somehow knows the name very well. The man, too, seems to be a very nice guy but there was something off about him in Reagan's mind. She picks up her computer again and starts to type in the name Jake Matthews into the Google search bar.

Before she can hit search, she hears the front door bell ring. She moves her laptop to the patio table and stands up. She walks quickly to the door and opens it, getting a slight grin on her face when she sees Axel standing there.

"Axel, good morning," she says as she welcomes him into the house. "How are you today?"

"Pretty good," he replies to her. "I'm hoping that you're going to make me even better."

She looks at him before she replies. "What did you have in mind, exactly?"

He studies her for a moment. "I was going whale watching this morning and was hoping you'd like to join me," he says to her, hoping that she will say yes.

"I have to start my investigation…" she begins to tell him.

"Reagan, come on," he laughs back to her. "You are on this beautiful island in the summer time. You should be outside enjoying yourself. You can do this research once the sun goes down."

She laughs back with him. "You're right," she replies to him. "And I've never seen a whale in nature before."

"Good, then it's a date," Axel smiles back to her, thrilled that she said yes to the day's events.


The marina has a long stretch of land that separates the boats from the open ocean. The top of the stretch of land has a couple of picnic tables because of the amazing view of the ocean. During the whale migration season, it is the perfect place to sit and try to see if you can see any of the mammals as it has a panoramic view of the ocean. Alternatively, if you're a boat watcher, this is also a great place to watch all kinds of boats go by.

The sun beats down creating a very hot climate on the island today. Axel sits next to Reagan at a picnic table as she looks out at the waves of the Pacific Ocean. She's never experienced something so relaxing and calming before as she is lost looking in waves of the ocean.

"Are you sad that we haven't seen any whales?" he asks her, breaking the silence between them. He feels content just being with her; there doesn't always have to be a discussion, which is something he has never experienced before.

"Not at all," she replies to him as they looks away from the water and into his eyes. "This place is just so magical. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before."

"The waves can be so mesmerizing," he replies to her. "It's easy to get lost in your thoughts out here."

"I couldn't agree more," she says back to him. She finds herself grabbing his hand. "I really want to thank you, Axel."

"Thank me?" he asks, as he tries to stay calm about the fact that she has grabbed his hand. He feels the butterflies in his stomach, just by the touch of her hand.

"You befriended me the other day and while we haven't known each other very long, I really appreciate that you and I are here together right now," she admits to him. "Showing me the Island is something I'm very grateful for."

"I am really enjoying spending time with you too, Reagan," he smiles back to her. "So, tell me about your investigation. What have you uncovered thus far?" He hopes the answer is something he can handle; he knows his mother will do anything to keep her secret safe.

Reagan shifts a little getting more comfortable on the bench of the picnic table. "Well, I learned that the house I'm living in actually is the scene of a few of the murders," she reveals to him, as he recalls the night back in 2011 when he saw his mother kill Jake and Penny Matthews.

"How does that make you feel? Knowing that you're living in a house where murders happened?"

She shrugs a little. "I'm fine with it," she replies to him. "I think it could help me and my investigation," she admits to him. "I think it will be a good thing. Who knows, right?"

"I guess that is good," he replies to her, wondering if he should get more worried about her looking into the murders. He just hopes that there's nothing that she can find at the house that could suggest that Agatha is the one who killed the Matthews.

"I actually met someone else yesterday," she says to him as his interest is peaked. "My neighbour, Jake Matthews."

Axel feels the blood drain from his face. How is any of this possible? He asks himself, as he suddenly realizes that his Mother must have done something to keep an eye on Reagan as she is worried about the young woman finding out the truth. It is Agatha's style to cast a spell to her advantage. How sick, though, he thinks conjuring up a man that she killed to spy on Reagan.

"Are you okay?" she asks him, as she turns and looks at him, noticing that he is pale. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Axel nods back to her, trying to calm himself down. "I'm fine," he says as he quickly points out into the water. "Do you see that? That's a pod of whales!"

Reagan's eyes open up in surprise when she sees some whales coming up and breathing. Some water spray spouts up as the whales keep coming up for air. Suddenly, one of the smaller killer whales jumps out of the water and lands on its back creating a huge splash in the waters.

"Wow," she laughs at the sight of the magnificent creature. "That's amazing."

"It is, isn't it?" he says as their eyes lock. "I'm glad I should show you this today. It is not every day you can see an orca."

"Me too," she replies as she licks her lips a little.

He leans in and kisses her quickly before he pulls back. He looks at her again, and moves into kiss again. From the back of the stretch of land, Agatha stands watching her son kiss Reagan and immediately feels her blood start to boil at the sight.


"So, you see, what you have to do, is put all your ingredients into your caldron before you start your chanting," Belinda explains to Ambrose, who is sitting on a wooden stool in the spell room that Belinda has in her house listening to every word her step mother is telling her. "This way, everything is ready to go. Once you start chanting, you can't stop because it will ruin the pacing of the spell. You need to be very focused in your chanting."

"I think that has been my problem in the past," Ambrose replies to Belinda. "I get too distracted by everything that I have to do."

Belinda walks over to Ambrose, her bracelets dangling together and puts her hand on her shoulder. "You will get this, come on now, why don't you try," Belinda says to her. "I have an easy spell about turning a piece of drift wood into a frog. It's one of the easiest spells that us witches cast. We learn it as one of the first spells because of its simplicity."

Ambrose suddenly gets a serious look on her face. She knows that she has to pull this off to impress Belinda and not make her step mother think that she is wasting her time trying to teach her how to cast a spell. She stands up and moves over to where Belinda is standing. She reads the spell on the page of the book that is open.

"I've already gotten you all of the ingredients!" Belinda giggles, excited that Ambrose is going to try the spell. She just hopes that the younger witch's confidence goes up because Ambrose is at the age where her spell casting abilities should be much better than what they currently are. "Now, I'm going to sit over there on the stool. You just put everything into the caldron and then start chanting, okay?"

Ambrose nervously nods her head as Belinda moves to the stool. Ambrose finishes reading the spell and then begins to throw a few things into the caldron. Soon, it starts fill with some white smoke. She looks over at Belinda, who gives her a nod of approval. Ambrose quickly looks at the note book one more time.

"Once alive, now dead, this piece of wood will be living again," she begins to say, with little rhythm or conviction in her voice. She looks over at Belinda again, who has a smile on her face in support of her. Getting more confidence, she continues on with the chant, grabbing a hold of the caldron. "Live again! Live again and I will…" she continues, as Belinda smiles, knowing that Ambrose is doing a great job.

Suddenly, the door to the spell room opens and Vix enters causing Ambrose to lose her place in spell. The interruption causes the white smoke in the caldron to quickly turn black and fade away.

"Vix!" Belinda yells as she stands up from the stool. "What on earth are you doing in here?"

Vix innocently looks at his sister and then over at Ambrose. "I was just coming to tell you that lunch is almost ready," he says with a sly grin on his face, realizing he has ruined her spell.

"You know you're not supposed to be in here," Belinda tells him as she drags him out of the room. Once outside, she looks at him. "Ambrose was so close to completing a spell."

"I didn't mean too.." he says back to her quickly, as she sends him down the stairs.

"We'll be down right away," she replies to him. Belinda sighs and moves back into the room, where an upset Ambrose is putting some things away. "You were doing a very good job," Belinda tells her, as Ambrose looks over at her.

She shrugs her shoulders. "Guess we'll never know, huh?" she replies to her stepmother. "I have worked up an appetite, though. Let's go have lunch."

"We can try another spell after lunch," Belinda suggests to her, sensing Ambrose's confidence is shaken now.

"Maybe tomorrow. I think I need a break from the spelling casting."

"Okay, tomorrow it is," Belinda uneasily smiles back to her.


Reagan opens the front door to her house with a smile on her face. She feels like she's had one of the most amazing days of her life. Whale watching with Axel and the kiss the shared was very special to her. She never imagined that she'd find a romance on Pender Island but she is enjoying getting to know Axel more and more.

However, she still has to focus on her investigation for her thesis statement. She still has deadlines to meet for her schooling at UBC. She goes into the kitchen and pours herself a glass of water, as she thinks about where she should start with her investigation.

"Somebody was murdered in this very house," she whispers to herself before she takes another sip of her water. "I wonder if there's evidence in this house, itself."

She walks out of the kitchen and moves upstairs. She quickly sees something on the ceiling; it's the opening to the attic. She arches her eyebrow and wonders what could be in the attic of the house.

"That's where I need to go," she whispers to herself. "Maybe something is there that can put me in the right direction."

In the attic, Jake Matthews stands looking all bloody from when Agatha killed him. He realizes that he will have to tell Agatha that Reagan is coming into the attic, although maybe he will see what she finds first. He enjoys the fact that he can watch the young woman.

"She won't be up here for a while," he whispers to himself as he pulls out a pair of Reagan's panties from his jeans pocket. He slowly moves her underwear and smells them. The process gets him extremely aroused. It has been so long since he has been with a woman. He moves to the shelf where boxes are resting. He moves some boxes and sits on the ledge, removing his pants before he does so. His hand finds his erect manhood and he starts to pleasure himself, Reagan's pants on his nose the entire time.


Axel opens the door to the house and moves inside with a slight skip in his step. It was his first real kiss with a girl and he couldn't be more happy with the fact that it's with Reagan. He has liked her from the moment he first laid eyes on her at the driftwood center. Now that things are moving along, he is ecstatic.

"You're finally home," Agatha says, who is sitting in the dark in the living room, waiting for him to return. She knows that she has to be very stern in her conversation with Axel right now because seeing him kiss Reagan made her realize that he could be falling in love with the woman and she can not have that happen. She has to make sure that he knows the danger that he, and their family are in.

"Why are you sitting in the dark?" he asks her, as he turns a light on and moves to pour himself a glass of wine. "Do you want a glass of wine?"

"I don't," Agatha says as she stands up and looks at her son. "I know where you were today and who you were with."

"I was with Reagan, why is that a problem?" he asks her, becoming colder with his mother as he knows what is about to come out her mouth.

"You know, exactly, what that is a problem, Axel," she says to him. "If she uncovers anything about the murders, you know what will have to happen."

"Is that why you conjured up Jake Matthews? To spy on her?" he asks her, recalling how Reagan told him that she met her neighbour, Jake Matthews, which he knows is impossible because Jake is dead.

"I will do whatever I have to do to keep this family safe," Agatha reminds him, having said that very line to him before. "And that includes …"

"Don't you dare say it!" Axel yells at her, as he throws his glass of wine against the wall. "Don't you tell me you're going to kill Reagan Mom because I can't let you do that! For the first time in my life, I am falling in love with a girl and I won't let you ruin it because of your paranoia! Do you hear me? You won't touch her!"

"Are you finished now?" she asks him, putting a hand on her hip.

"I'm going to bed, this conversation is over," Axel snaps at her as he rushes up the stairs.

Agatha looks up at the stairs and sighs. She hates that she has to do this but she has no choice. "The sooner I get rid of Reagan Blackmore, the better off we'll all be."

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