Chapter Ten: Agatha's Blessing

"I'm in no mood for your games tonight, Axel," Agatha tells her son, as she holds a glass of red wine. She's had an incredibly long day, which started with Axel telling her that he was in love with Reagan Blackmore but also that Vix had revealed the truth to her that they are all witches. Axel then went on to tell his mother that Reagan was heading off Pender Island to tell her parents the truth about what she had learned. Knowing that their lives were at stake, Agatha casted a spell that created a storm which caused Reagan's float plane to crash into the ocean, leaving her dead. Once that was over, Agatha returned home and learned that Vix was challenging her to a showdown. She climbed to the top of Mount Norman to her lookout spot and they started a casting spell war with each other, until Belinda's image appeared in the sky and told them that they were putting everyone at risk. In the end, Agatha and Vix called a truce. Still, the day has left Agatha absolutely exhausted. Now, however, Axel has come down stairs and told her that she needs to know something; she can't imagine what could be so important that couldn't wait until the morning. The look on his face indicates that it is very serious.

"It's been such a long day, I really want to finish this glass of wine and crawl into bed," Agatha continues to explain to him. She can tell him of the Vix showdown in the morning.

"This can't wait Mom," he says back to her. Axel looks at his mother and knows that what he has to tell her has to come out tonight. There's no going back after what he is about to reveal to her. He, too, has had a very interesting night, to say the very least.

Agatha waves her hand in frustration. "Fine!" she snaps back at him. "Say whatever it is you have to say so I can go to bed. In the meantime, I suppose I'll pour myself a second glass of wine."

"I want you to know that I understand," Axel replies to Agatha as she pours herself another glass of red wine. "I understand why you have done the things that you have done to keep our secret safe."

Agatha arches her eyebrow; This is certainly a different tune than her son has ever spoken before. Maybe, just maybe, she thinks to herself, he is coming around. She has longed to hear him say this to her; that he understands why she has killed in the past to keep her family safe.

"I realize that no one can know our secret," he continues to explain to her. "I realize that we as a family always have to stick together and someone becomes our family, they will keep our secret too."

Agatha swallows her mouthful of wine and moves closer to her son. She puts his hand on his cheek and pulls him into a hug. "I've longed for the day you said this to me," she reveals to him as she holds him. "I've been so worried about you and the way you didn't seem to care if anyone learned the truth," she continues to say to him as they exit their hug. "But Axel, after what your sister went through on Mayne Island when Belinda died, I never want you to have to experience that. I never want you to see the pain and suffering a human can cause us."
Axel nods back to her, listening to every word that she is saying. "I know but like I said, Mom, family will always protect each other."

"I'm glad you understand why I've been so desperate to keep us safe all these years," she tells him. "But, if that's all you have to say, I think I will excuse myself and retire to the bedroom for the night."

"That's not all Mom," he stops her, causing her to turn around from the base of the stairs. "You have to know something else."

"Okay…" Agatha says back to him, still at the base of the staircase.

"You can come out now…" Axel calls out loudly, as his eyes move to the top of the stairs. Agatha turns her head as she hears her son's bedroom door open. Agatha feels her entire body shake as Reagan Blackmore emerges from her son's bedroom. Agatha drops her wine glass and it shatters all over the floor, shocked that the young woman is alive and standing in her house.

"This isn't possible," she gasps, trying to catch her breath as Reagan slowly walks down the stairs. How is any of this happening? She saw the plane crash into the ocean; there's no way Reagan could have survived that crash.

"It is very possible," Axel replies to his mother as he moves over to her and helps her to a chair so she can sit down, seeing that she is shocked to her very core. "Reagan is alive and we are together, Mom. Reagan and I are going to have a future together."

"I am alive Agatha," Reagan says to her, looking at the woman who tried to kill her in the eyes. "You see, just before the plane crashed, the pilot opened an emergency door. As soon as the plane hit the ocean, there is about a 10 second gap before water will start to enter the plane because of the impact. I've been swimming my entire life and I was able to make it out of the plane."

"And thank God she did," Axel says, looking over at her with a smile. "Because, now we are going to be together."

Agatha's hand turns into a fist and she slams into the table. "No! Don't you understand Axel? She's not one of us! She can get us all killed! This has to stop; I won't stand for any of this."

"Mrs. Watkins," Reagan says as she comes up behind Axel and looks over his shoulder. "Please, if you can just hear me out, I'm sure that you will understand why everything has changed."

Agatha pushes Axel out of the way and looks Reagan in the face. "That's a great story of survival, Reagan, but rest assured, I won't stop until I've destroyed you."

Reagan gulps, feeling intimidated by the woman in front of her. "I don't know what I ever did that you hate me so much that you want to kill me," she whispers as her lower lip quivers. "All I wanted to do was to write a paper for school. I never meant to uncover any deep, dark secrets."

"But you did uncover a secret!" Agatha replies to her, still cold to the young woman. "A secret that can never, ever come you. Axel, I thought you understood this! I thought you were on the same page as me, finally."

"I am Mom," Axel defends himself to his mother. "Reagan isn't going to say anything to anyone. She loves me Mom, and I love her."

"It's true," Reagan replies to Agatha, who arches her eyebrow. "After the shock wore off about learning the truth, I realized that I didn't care. Axel has made me feel like no man has ever made me feel before. I am in love with your son. We want to have a future together."

Agatha looks back in absolute shock at Reagan and Axel. Her worst nightmare is coming true; her son has fallen in love with human, who now knows their secret. There's too much at stake, she realizes. She has to end this once and for all. Her family will not be subjected to this love affair.

"And what happens when this little love affair ends? What exactly will happen to this secret of ours? Have you even thought of that Axel?" Agatha grills him, knowing that he has no idea what he is doing.

"Just because your marriage to Maverick ended in divorce, doesn't mean my relationship with Reagan will end that way," Axel quickly says back to him, immediately regretting what he just said to his mother.

Agatha slaps her son hard across the face. "How dare you say that to me," she spits at him. "You are single handedly willing to destroy our family for this…whore?"

Axel moves his hand off his cheek where his mother slapped him and looks back at her. "Don't you call her that! Do you hear me! Don't call the woman I love a whore! If you could just calm down, and let me explain, you would understand why this is going to happen whether you like it or not."

"This will happen over my dead body," Agatha replies to him. "Which could very well happen if Reagan opens her mouth! Don't you understand what this means for all of us?"

"Are you finished?" Reagan cuts her off. "Listen to your son, Mrs. Watkins. He has something very important to tell you. Something that will change your mind about all of this."

Agatha arches her eyebrow again and looks back at Axel. "Well, fine. Speak. What is it that you think will make me change my mind about all of this?"

Axel gulps and looks over at Reagan, who nods back to him in support. Axel looks back at his mother, almost scared of how she is going to react to the news that he is about to reveal to her. "Reagan is …" he begins to say slowly, trying to find the right words.

"Is what? Come on, just spit it out," Agatha demands from her son.

"Pregnant!" Axel quickly replies to his Mother, whose mouth falls open in shock. "Reagan is carrying my child. That's why she won't say anything because she is carrying a new witch inside of her. She won't ever let anything happen to our baby. She is our family now."

Shocked by what Axel has just told her, Agatha finds herself sitting back down in the chair. She shakes her head. "I can't believe this is happening," she whispers to the couple. "This must all be a dream, or a nightmare."

"I assure you that it's very real," Reagan replies to her. "I am carrying your son's baby. And I can promise you, I will never reveal anything to anyone about your family secret. I would never put my baby in harm's way, the same way you would never do anything to bring harm to Axel or Ambrose."

Agatha looks over at Axel, who hopes his mother is starting to come around a little to the news. "See Mom, Reagan won't say anything. Not now, not ever. Because we are extending our family. We are going to have an entire new generation of Watkins starting. This is a good thing, right? You always said the witch population was dying; we are extending it by having this baby."

Agatha continues to remain silent as she tries to process everything that is happening. Not only is Reagan alive and well but she's carrying her son's baby. "Are you sure that it's Axel's child?"

Reagan nods back to her. "I haven't been with anyone else," she tells her as she grabs Axel's hand. "I'm in love with your son and I'm already in love with this baby."

Agatha looks up at Reagan and nods back to her. "I'm going to say this once and only once, so you better listen very carefully," she starts to say, as both Axel and Reagan gulp in fear. "If I find out that you have said anything to anyone about what you know, I won't hesitate to kill you. I don't care if you are the mother of my grandchild, I will kill you and your family without hesitation. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Reagan uneasily nods back to her. "I promise you Agatha," she says back to her. "Nothing will ever make me reveal what I know. All we want is to have the chance to be a family together; Axel, myself and our baby. Please say that you can support us."

"Yes, Mom," Axel says to his mother. "Please give us your blessing."

"I've said my peace about what will happen if Reagan crosses me," Agatha tells them both. "So, while all of this is certainly a surprise, yes, I can give you my blessing."

"Oh Mom," Axel smiles as he hugs her. "You won't regret this, I promise. You're going to be a Grandmother! Can you believe it?"

"A new baby to teach the ways of witch life," Agatha replies to him, as she gets a smile on her face. "I suppose I could get excited for such things."


In the basement of the house where Reagan lives, Jake Matthews sits on an arm chair. He, of course, is still all bloody from when Agatha stabbed him. In fact, he's not even real; he is the reincarnation that Agatha created to keep a watchful eye on Reagan. He can't help but get a smirk on his face when he thinks about the young woman that had been living in the house. The woman that he was sent to watch; and boy, did he ever watch her.

He recalls seeing her in the shower. The water creating a smooth, glistening glow on her dark skin; it was a very enjoyable view for him. So much so that he was aroused by the sight of Reagan in the shower. He is still man, despite being married to Penny Matthews. He realizes, however, that because Penny is burnt, she isn't even a woman anymore; not in the sense that satisfies him.

And that's why he did what he did that night. He was watching Reagan sleep so very soundly. He knew that under the blankets that covered her, she was naked. Her naked body that he saw in the shower just a few hours earlier; he couldn't resist her, even if he tried too.

So, he did what anyone would do in his situation. He moved slowly over to the bed and crawled under the blankets. His hands felt her body as she slept. She moaned a little and stirred in her sleep, but he was sure to be careful with her. After all, even if she had woken up, she wouldn't have been able to see him.

So, he entered her. It had been so long for him; he had almost forgotten what it was like being with a woman. Reagan is even younger than his wife, so she was soft and tight at the same time. It didn't take him long to get off. He quickly left the bed when he was done and he watched Reagan as she jolted awake.

She was wet between her legs; she assumed that she had a sexual dream. Little did she know, he smirks to himself as Jake recalls that night with Reagan. Soon, Jake remembers that Reagan called Axel over to the house and the two made love for the first time. Jake wasn't upset with what happened; after all, he had Reagan first. He's the one that made her crave Axel; he's the one that really pleased her.

As he sits in the basement of the house, Jake lets out a slight chuckle. "Looks like my work here is done," he says as he slowly disappears into the air, not leaving a trace of himself behind.

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