Chapter Nine: Gold Dust

Agatha looks out across the Gulf Island's from the top of Mount Norman, having climbed up to the lookout point. She is there because Vix has challenged her for a showdown with him, to settle their feud once and for all. She doesn't have time to look at the wide-ranged view of the Gulf Islands and the ocean that surrounds them because she is fixed on looking at Vix, who is standing on his lookout point at Maverick's house on Mayne Island. Human beings would have to use the binoculars to see each other, but the enhanced vision of the witches makes it easy for them to see each other. The clear night makes it relatively easy for the two witches to see each other.

Agatha looks at Vix and makes a motion to him indicating that she is there and ready to begin. She has no idea what kind of showdown Vix has planned for her but she realizes that this does have to end; he went too far when he revealed to Reagan Blackmore that she, Ambrose and Axel are witches. Agatha is still taken back that he revealed the truth; he knows what will happen to them if anyone learned the truth. What's especially surprising to Agatha is that Vix did this right after his sister, Belinda, died from a witch hunter. He should know better, not only has he exposed her family but Vix has left himself and Maverick in danger as well.

"You're being stupid and foolish," she says to herself about Vix, as she waits for Vix to make his move, whatever that maybe. "And you have to learn your lesson. I didn't kill Belinda nor am I responsible for her death. You have to accept that what happened was an accident; a horrible accident. And that doesn't give you the right to put us all in danger."

She looks closer at Vix, who is still standing on his lookout watching Agatha. She harrows her eyes on him before she moves to the edge of her look out, wanting the showdown to begin.

"What do you want Vix? How do you want to settle this?" she says, knowing that he will be able to hear her with his enhanced hearing on Mayne Island. "I'm here, just as you asked. Let's finish this. Let's settle it, once and for all."

Across the ocean on Mayne Island, Vix hears Agatha's words crystal clear. He grins when he looks back at the older witch. He wants nothing more than to make Agatha pay for hurting Belinda the way that she did. No matter what anyone says, Vix believes that Agatha's treatment of Belinda was completely uncalled for and she should pay for it. He wants to make sure his sister's death doesn't go unpunished.

He opens a black bag that it is by his feet and he pulls out a large crystal ball looking figure. He sets the ball down on the ledge of the lookout point. He focuses intently for a moment and soon the crystal ball lights up, creating a warm glow on his face and entire lookout point. A bright yellow poof of gas emerges from the crystal ball.

He watches the ball rise into the air, illuminating his face, which has a grin on it. "Go!" he yells as his hand moves in the direction of Agatha's lookout point.

The ball of gas moves quickly through the sky, lightning the dark sky with a bright yellow hue. Agatha sees the ball coming and she squints her eyes, wondering what it could be. Suddenly, she realizes that Vix is attacking her. When the ball of gas reaches the island, thousands of wasps will emerge and they will sting Agatha to death.

Thinking quickly, she starts chanting a new spell. Her body grabs on to the lookout point railing before her hands raise to the sky. Lightening emerges from her hands as another poof of gas is created in the sky. This one is bright red and it starts to move across the sky, heading right towards Vix's ball.

Vix's eyes open wider in entertainment as the red ball and yellow ball collide in the sky. Agatha looks back at him and gives him a quick grin, knowing she stopped him. She also realizes that this could go on for a while as Vix will likely have more than one trick up his sleeve.

"Fair play, Agatha," Vix whispers to himself, seeing the collision in the sky. "But if you think I'm just going to stop, you have another thing coming. I will never stop, not until you have paid for killing my sister."

"I didn't kill Belinda!" Agatha says back to him, as she heard everything he just said. "I'm sorry your sister died but I'm not responsible for her death. I saved us all from the witch hunters when I casted that spell that killed them!"

"You hated her because she stole your husband!" Vix yells back, as he greets his teeth and he conjures up another gas ball from his crystal ball. This purple one flies across the sky, heading towards Agatha.

Once again, Agatha sends a combating ball back into the sky. When the balls collide in the sky, the sky lights up as though more fireworks going off again. Vix's ball got closer to Agatha's lookout point, so she finds herself getting pushed back from the ledge. By the time she regains her footing, she sees another coming in from Vix. She catches her breath and prepares for her counter.


Maverick slowly moves to the front door of his house as he heard the doorbell ring. He hasn't been feeling very social since the night his wife was taken away from him; taken far too early in his mind. He still can't believe that Belinda is gone. He only wishes that he could have prevented the entire thing from happening. He has been blaming himself for her death ever since it happened. Maybe one day, he will be able to forgive himself; but not today. He doesn't know if it will ever be whole again.

He opens the door and sees his daughter standing on the other side. "Ambrose?" he asks, shocked to see her again so soon since her last visit was such a disaster. He didn't think that she would want to come back to the house after Belinda's death for some time; he can't imagine what she is going through in the wake of Belinda's passing since they were so close. "What on earth are you doing here?"

Ambrose quickly moves into the house and turns back around to face her father. He shuts the door and he moves into the living room with her. She hugs him and looks at him closely. "How are you? And don't lie to me, Dad, because I can tell when you lie."

Maverick gives her half a grin, knowing that she has always been able to read him like a book. "As well as to be expected for a man that just lost his wife," Maverick replies to her, trying to sound strong. He doesn't want to show that he is feeling down over Belinda's death; to him it's a sign of weakness. "But you didn't answer me, what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you to return so soon after…"

"I know you didn't and I'm sorry that I didn't call in advance," she replies to him. "But this is an emergency. I need your help before it's too late."

Maverick arches his eyebrow. "You have my attention Ambrose, what do you need my help with."

"Vix," she says quickly, as she thinks about everything that has happened since Belinda died; Vix blaming Agatha and revealing they are witches to Reagan. "He is blaming Agatha for Belinda's death. He told a young woman on Pender Island the truth about us. He is being so destructive."

"He did what?" Maverick asks her, shocked by what he is hearing. He knew that Vix wouldn't take Belinda's death well, but to tell the truth about his family being witches is unbelievable and extremely dangerous. Vix should know what can happened having just lived through Belinda."

Ambrose nods back to her father. "Mom acted quickly and casted a spell and the girl is no longer with us," she informs her father. "But the damage was done Dad. Vix is on a mission to bring Agatha down. They are having a showdown right now."

"What kind of showdown?" Maverick asks her, still baffled by everything that is going down.

"Mom is on the top of Mount Norman at her lookout; Vix is at the top of the house and they are throwing spells back and forth at each other. It's getting intense Dad, it looks like a meteor shower in the sky. If anyone sees the sky and realizes that it's not a meteor shower, we could all be exposed and hunted down. We could all end up like Belinda if they are not careful. They are both so determined to bring each other down that they don't realize what they are doing is dangerous, for everyone."

Maverick looks back at Ambrose and can see the fear in her eyes. He realizes that what she is saying is true; he just can't believe that both Vix and Agatha are being so utterly careless in a time when they should be bonding together. Belinda should have taught them better than this.

"I'm going to go upstairs and put an end to this once and for all," Maverick whispers back to her. "Don't worry, everything will be fine."

"I just don't think Vix will listen to you Dad," she stops him from leaving. "I think there's only one person that can help Vix and Agatha right now."

Maverick looks back at his daughter, picking up on what she is saying. He smiles at his daughter for a second before he touches her cheek with his hand. "Do you think you can cast that spell? Do you think you're ready to make that step?"

Ambrose nervously looks back at her father. She has struggled casting spells in the past but if she isn't able to do this spell, her entire family could be in jeopardy, she has to do this to save her family. "I don't have any other choice Dad. I think it's the only way to get through to Agatha and Vix."

"I'm so very proud of you Ambrose," he tells her, as she smiles a little. "Go up to Belinda's spell room. And don't come back until your job is done."

Ambrose nods to him before she rushes up the stairs. She doesn't have much time to waste; the longer Agatha and Vix's showdown goes on, the bigger the chance they will all be exposed.


Ambrose opens the door to the spell room and moves inside shutting the door behind her. She looks around the room for a moment and feels Belinda's presence surround her. She smiles at the thought of her step mother encouraging her to cast the spell that she is about to cast. Belinda always wanted her to succeed; with any luck, she will be the one to end the feud between her Mom and Vix for good.

She moves over to the bookshelf and pulls out a book. She blows some dust off and then opens the book. She flips through a few pages before she comes to the spell that she wants to cast.

"This is it," she says to herself as she sets the book down on the podium. She reads the entire spell, just like Belinda taught her how to do. She then reads all the ingredients that she will need to perform the spell. Quickly, she turns around and opens more drawers, looking through drawers and bags of ingredients, until she locates everything that she needs.

"Okay, put everything into the caldron before I focus and start to chant," she whispers to herself, remembering everything Belinda told her to do. "Come on Ambrose, you can do this. You can cast this spell and you can save Mom and Vix from making a huge mistake."

She pulls out all the ingredients and throws them into the caldron. Soon, white smoke comes out of the caldron. Ambrose grabs a hold of the side of the caldron and looks forward, focused on the chanting that she is about to do. She starts chanting, first she is slow with it but it soon increases in speed and she finds herself casting the spell.

She laughs as she starts to spin viciously into a circle … and eventually, Ambrose disappears from the spell room, leaving nothing but a sprinkling of gold dust behind. The gold dust swirls in the air and then move out of the opened window from the spell room and into the dark sky.


Vix and Agatha watch in twisted sense of excitement as two more of their poofs of gas explode in the sky as Vix has fended off one of Agatha's attacks. While neither one would admit it, they are both enjoying this showdown more than they should be. They haven't had such fun in a very long time.

Suddenly, however, they both stop as they see something happening in the sky. Over the ocean that connects Pender Island and Mayne Island together, a thick blue mist appears and the sky darkens and the gold dust emerges in the sky. The gold dust look like stars to Agatha and Vix and they start to take the shape of Belinda's face.

"Belinda?" Vix gasps as the sight of his sister, whose face is in the sky. "How is this possible?"

Agatha looks at the stars and finds herself getting a tear in her eye. "Belinda?" she asks herself, wishing that she could have saved the woman before she was killed. Neither one is aware that this is Ambrose's spell at work.

"Agatha! Vix!" Belinda says, as she has transformed herself into a reincarnation of Belinda in hopes of putting an end to the showdown that is taking place. "What are you doing? Are you trying to get us all killed?," she yells at everyone.

"She has to pay for killing you!" Vix says back to his sister. "I can't let you go without avenging your death, Belinda. I can't let you go…"

"Dearest Vix," Belinda smiles back down to her brother, his face golden from the bright sky is he looking at. "You never have to let me go. I will always be with you. I will always be a part of you. But, unless you stop this, you are going to get everyone killed. Have you thought about Maverick, Ambrose, Axel or yourself?" she asks him, as Vix puts his head down, he is suddenly ashamed of himself. "There is no time in life to hold such a grudge, especially to a woman that had nothing to do with my death. She, after all, is the one who cast the spell to kill the witch hunters. You owe her."

Vix looks back up at the stars and let's a tear fall from his eye. Shaking his head, he says, "I'm so sorry Belinda. I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought everything was going to be better…"

"I love you Vix," Belinda replies to him. "You're better than this. And you deserve better than this. And the rest of the family deserves better than this."

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking Belinda," Agatha finally says something to the figure in the sky. "I can't believe I put everyone at risk like this. You're right, we have to stop this now. I've been so incredibly foolish."

"I'm glad you see things my way, Agatha," Belinda tells her. "Losing your way is only natural as long as you find your path again."

Agatha looks at Belinda and realizes that she is right. This has to end; they can't go on like this. She moves closer to the ledge of the lookout point and looks across the ocean to Vix. "Vix," Agatha calls out. "How about it? A truce? Let's end this for Belinda and the rest of our loved ones."

Vix looks up into the sky to see his sister before he looks at Agatha. He slowly nods his head before he says. "Truce, Agatha. Let's stop this before it is too late." He looks up into the sky and can see the look of approval from Belinda.

Agatha and Vix's eyes move to the back into the sky as the stars slowly separate and Belinda's face disappears into the thick blue misty in the sky. Vix falls back and sits up against the house, feeling rocked by everything that just happened. He takes a deep breath and finds himself weeping, missing his sister. Even in death, she is looking out for him, he realizes.

Meanwhile, Agatha steps off the lookout point on Pender Island. She turns back and looks at the sky, which has calmed down now. Any sign of the showdown is gone and not a moment too soon, she thinks to herself.

"Thank you Belinda," she whispers before she turns around and starts to leave the mountain, grateful that her once rival, Belinda, was able to stop her and Vix from causing more destruction.


The spell room door opens and a proud Ambrose emerges. She looks down at Maverick from the top of the stairs, with a huge smile on her face as she did what she never believed she could: cast a spell. Not only did she successfully cast a spell, but she ended the feud between Vix and Agatha; she saved her family from more potential harm.

"Congratulations Ambrose," Maverick proudly tells his daughter, as she starts to walk down the stairs. "I saw everything from the window. Belinda would have approved of everything you just did. You were absolutely magnificent."

Ambrose hugs her father and feels a tear swell in her eye. "Thank you Dad, I just did what I thought was right. I did what I could to save us all."

"You did the right thing," he says as he holds her. "You most certainly did the right thing. You're a hero!"


Agatha opens the door to her house and she moves inside. She feels exhausted by the day's events. What started out as a beautiful, sunny day, quickly turned dark and stormy when she learned that Reagan Blackmore had been told the truth about her and her family being witches. After making sure her float plane crashed into the ocean to prevent her from telling the truth, she then had to face off with Vix in the showdown. Seeing Belinda emerge in the sky, to end the showdown has left Agatha reeling. She can't believe she was so careless with everyone's lives. Thankfully, it ended before anyone else got hurt.

"What was I thinking?" she asks herself as she moves over to the kitchen and she opens a bottle of red wine. She pours herself a glass and takes a sip. "The good news is that Vix and I have called a truce so there is nothing else to worry about. We can pass the showdown off as a meteor shower to anyone that asks and with Reagan being dead, there's absolutely nothing left standing in our way of ensuring our secret is safe. That has to be the most important thing."

Agatha takes another sip of her wine as she moves back into the living room. She pauses when she hears a noise. She listens closely again before she can hear the noise for a second time.

"Ambrose?" she calls out into the house. "Axel? Are you two home?"

When no one answers she puts her glass of wine down again. "Who is there? I can hear someone in the house. Show yourself at once!" she demands to know, thinking that she has an intruder. She also realizes that if she does have an intruder, she may have to cast another spell tonight and she isn't sure she has the mental strength left to cast another one successfully.

"It's just me Mom," Axel announces as he opens his bedroom door and slowly comes down the stairs of the house, relieving Agatha.. "I didn't mean to scare you."

Agatha shakes her head and picks up her glass of wine. "It's fine, Axel. I do wish you had revealed yourself when I called out for you," she says to him as she takes a sip of her wine. "It's just been a very long day."

"That it has, a lot has happened," Axel replies to her, thinking about his day. "And there's something else that you need to know. Something major has happened…"

Agatha stops and looks back at her son, dreading any more bad news that her son could have. "What is it? What's happened?"

"Please brace yourself," Axel tells her, as their eyes lock and Agatha continues to worry about what it is that her son has to tell her.

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